Past Projects

Here are a couple projects that we've done for clients in the past. This is not an exhaustive list.

POS and Menu Builder for Beluga

Rid Industries was contracted to work as a front-end team to help build out Beluga's POS and restaurant management solution. We worked on helping them to create a robust front-end application for order handling, scheduling as well as menu building.
Technologies Used: React, Postgres

Data Dashboard for Intertie

Intertie is an energy management company which works in the micro-grid space. We were contracted to help create an internal dashboard to help site managers understand their energy metrics and see the live status of their microgrid
Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, ES6

General Features / Search for Lumberjack

We were contracted to become Lumberjack's engineering team with the departure of their previous contractor. We took on feature building and general day-to-day engineering duties.
Technologies Used: React Native, Hasura, Keyclock
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